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 Our technicians are highly experienced in Desktop and Laptop Computer fixing.


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Geekssupports is very reliable in the Business area. This is because of the highly developed skills among our geeks.

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The mainstream of us is in providing excellent services. Our interest in providing services at home premises is our also our higher effort.

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Our Services

Computer - Installation, Configuration, Fixing

We will set up your machine based on your like and will troubleshoot the issues and configure to a best level so that you don't feel any trouble using it.

Computer Troubleshooting

Our geeks are highly professional with extraordinary qualifications, you just name an issue and we will respond to you by a permanent and quick solution.

New Computer Setup

Our Geeks recommend you the best machine in setting up as a new computer in your premises. we also recommend you the best machine for your interest and usability.

Data Backup, Restore, Recovery

Our geeks are highly certified in securing the Data by keeping Information Security certifications. We will make sure that you don't lose the data by backing up the information and recovering it whenever necessary to the utmost proficiency.

Email Account Set up

Our geeks are fully informative, will be able to create your own branded E-Mail account in any advised domain of your priority and also explain you the easiest way to explore all the email messages.

E-Commerce store development

If you're planning for a commercial online store, we will develop the best E-commerce online store for you which fits best in the market to compete with the top Businesses.

Web Application Development

Our Geeks are qualified and experienced developers so that they are good at coding and develop the best suitable applications for your business websites.

Managing business IT Systems

Our geeks are vastly experienced and are able to maximize your resources in managing your business IT systems so that you excel at your business.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware can run a good system to its knees therefore eliminating becomes your top priority and we will be able to do just that so that you are able to maintain a clean and safe computer.

Anti-Virus Installation

Our geeks are able to choose what Anti-Virus is best for your computer and provide it to you, not only that but we can also install and configure it for your convenience.

smartphone Device Setup

Alongside computers, we can also set up, configure and help manage your smartphone devices and tablets.

Home Network WIFI set up

We will be able to set up and optimize WIFI network in your homes so that you can seamlessly browse the internet throughout your house with no trouble at all.

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